“Seeking Sustainability,” A Report on Nonprofit News Websites Now Available in e-Book

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How do nonprofit local and regional news organizations create new ways to survive and thrive in today’s challenging news landscape? That is a question that brought together 12 nonprofit news organizations and funders, academics and researchers from across the country for an unprecedented meeting convened by the Knight Foundation. The roundtable “Seeking Sustainability” was held at the University of Texas at Austin on April 26, co-hosted by Texas Tribune, Voice of San Diego and the Knight Chair in Journalism at the University of Texas at Austin.

The answer to this question and many others that were brought up at the meeting, check out the special report published by the Knight Foundation in e-book format (PDF):http://www.knightfoundation.org/research_publications/detail.dot?id=364196.

The report addresses the major sessions of the meeting that include topics like entrepreneurship, revenue, engagement, technology along with supplemental materials of the participant organizations. This report goes beyond just giving the minutes of the meeting but concisely summarizes the key topics discussed during each session and presents the important dialogue that occurred among the participants during the meeting that could only be captured in this in-depth report. Download it here: http://www.knightfoundation.org/research_publications/detail.dot?id=364196.

Nonprofit journalism discussion and analysis at the Online Journalism Symposium

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The 11th International Symposium on Online Journalism took place in Austin two days before the nonprofit journalism gathering and showed what several non-profit media outlets are doing online. The panel “Non-Profit Journalism: Models of non-commercial journalism online and their sustainability challenge,” on April 24, 2010, included presentations by Scott Lewis (Voice of San Diego), Jim O’Shea (Chicago News Cooperative), Evan Smith (Texas Tribune), and Matt Thompson (NPR).

You can see the slides used by each presenter on the symposium website: http://online.journalism.utexas.edu/slides.php

Here is some coverage and commentary on the panel discussion: Read the rest of this post »

Nonprofit journalism meeting coverage

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Michele McLellan writes about the meeting for the Reynolds Journalism Institute Blog and the Knight Digital Media Center’s News Leadership 3.0 Blog:

Community connectedness and diverse revenue streams are critical ingredients for success for nonprofit news organizations. That’s my headline the conversation at the Knight Foundation‘s “Seeking Sustainability” roundtable discussion of about 50 people representing 18 nonprofit news organizations Monday in Austin. (Twitter hashtag: #nonprofitJ.)  Read more.

Romenesko writes:

Representatives from about 18 non-profit news sites are in Austin to share tips and discuss mutual concerns. “It’s kind of like the meeting of the five families in ‘The Godfather,'” one participant tells Romenesko. || Alan Mutter: The MinnPost model might work.

Names, affiliations, and links for nonprofit journalism meeting participants

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Below is a list of all who participated in the nonprofit journalism roundtable in Austin.  It includes links to more information about each individual, as well as links to their respective organization’s website and twitter account (if available).

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Knight resources for nonprofit journalism

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These are a sampling of the services Knight funds that are resources for those interested in nonprofit journalism.

Free open source software funded under the Knight News Challenge:

Funding for Freedom of Information lawsuits, from the National Freedom of Information Coalition:

Journalism, digital and citizen media training:

Legal information for online sites, from Berkman at Harvard:

Participant Profiles

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Check out the following profiles of some of the news organizations at the meeting:

Profile – Bay Citizen (.pdf)

Profile – California Watch (.pdf)

Profile – Chicago News Cooperative (.pdf)

Profile – Connecticut News Project (.pdf)

Profile – Crosscut (.pdf)

Profile – Gotham Gazette (.pdf)

Profile – New America Media (.pdf)

Profile – New Haven Independent (.pdf)

Profile – Oakland Local (.pdf)

Profile – St. Louis Beacon (.pdf)

Profile – Texas Tribune (.pdf)

Profile – Voices of San Diego (.pdf)

Meeting Agenda and Participants

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Details of the meeting are available below and in this file: Meeting Agenda (.pdf).   A list of participants is also available.

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